Arroyo Seco in the Times and the “N” word

Ξ November 12th, 2007 | → Comments Off | ∇ 90042, Highland Park, Press |

Looks like the L.A. Times is slumming around the blogs for stories. To be fair of course, I borrowed from other online sources (but at least I cited them). Note that Gloria Molina seems more accessible to the Times than to me. (I left her a voicemail and an email and got no farther than her media gatekeeper.) At the very least, hopefully the Times’ artcle will reach a few people outside of the Yorkblvd universe.

See our (more) original story here:

Art or Vandalism

Blog copy cats here:

L.A. Times

Note please the City Council’s symbolic ban on use of the “n” word. Do our elected officials have nothing better to do than symbolically police English vocabulary? Are there so few problems in the city that they can make a “courageous” stance against bad words? What’s next? A ban on crass jokes, chewing gum in class, and pissing with the toilet seat down? Am I the only one that wishes the government would worry less about passing toothless resolutions that state the obvious and worry more about traffic, crime, pollution, and poverty? Message received: Racism is bad. Now please do some real work.


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