My Taco’s Potato Taco Redux

Ξ December 11th, 2007 | → 1 Comments | ∇ 90042, Food, Highland Park |

While flipping through the escort and medicinal marijuana studies ads in the LAWeekly at La Casa Blue two weeks ago, I ran across a food review for My Taco at 6300 York Blvd. (Read the review here) I couldn’t let Jonathan Gold horn in on our turf (Pulitzer or not), so I had to visit for myself. The main bent of the article was to review My Taco’s carne asada fries. I’m familiar with the dish (which is as much of a guilty pleasure as it sounds) from my youth down south, and I have no intention of simply parroting Gold’s article here. Instead, I planned on giving the potato tacos I hadn’t fallen in love with at El Atacor a second chance. (Read our review here)

Located across from the Rite-Aid and next to an empty Chinese Food Buffet, My Taco looks like any other Mexican restaurant from the outside. Once inside, it’s clear they’ve put serious work into making the white westsider inside all of us. Lots of color, a stylish chalkboard menu, and even an LCD TV placed this spot closer to Baja Fresh than to La Estrella on the Mexican Food Spectrum. The food was quality and I have to give them some credit for slowly beginning to bring me around to the potato taco. What I’m starting to understand about this fried spud is that in the same way hash browns are only a medium for transporting salt and ketchup, potato tacos are a blank palette for a good salsa. It is in this category where My Taco earns its niche in my book. They have a clean and fresh salsa bar with a standout red sauce as well as a green slightly viscous guacamole salsa that elevates the potato taco to a sum greater than its parts. Unlike most salsa bar guacamoles that provide approximately 2 avocados per gallon of water, this mixture is thick enough to be eaten with a fork and stays in place on the taco.

Still, I can’t get too doe-eyed for this spot as their carne asada torta wasn’t up to the high neighborhood standards. While not bad, it lacked the greasy kick that I’m looking for in beef. It’s more flavorful than say a Baja Fresh, but tastes suspiciously like the shrink-wrapped carne asada you can buy at Costco: Tender, with less fat, but with a slightly uncomfortable sweetness. Still, My Taco’s overall (guero) friendliness makes it a prime spot to ease your Westside friends, grandparents, or girlfriend’s mom, into the neighborhood culinary scene. I’ll be heading back for the green sauce and potato tacos but still searching elsewhere for my asada.


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