Moles la Tia

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As good as our local Mexican scene is, we still find time to explore the outlying regions of Los Angeles on the off-chance that Tacos La Estrella isn’t the Alpha and Omega of dining out.  A recent LA Times review caught my attention, and last Friday, my date and I enjoyed the back roads to East LA for some Oaxacan cooking at Moles La Tia.   The sign out front actually advertises for “Tamales y Antojitos La Tia”, so maybe this would be a good spot for lunch.  (I’m always so full after mole it effectively ends my day.)

The service was a bit slow, and they did ask us to change tables, but they were apologetic and offered us free desert, which we turned out to be too full to take advantage of.  Once reseated, our meal continued smoothly.  They don’t serve beer, but the waiter simply suggested we run around the corner to the liquor store, and a six-pack of Pacificos later, we were ready to dig into our appetizer.

The Botana Mestiza consisted of Oaxacan quesadillas stuffed with calabacitas and quesillo and topped with cream and guacamole.  They were excellent and reminded me how much I miss that quesadilla cart in Echo Park.  The entrees were equally delicious.  I had the Gambas al Cafe, shrimp with a coffee mole and just a slight kick of spice, and she ordered the Mole Poblano over chicken, which was a little smokey and not too sweet.  After using the tortillas for mopping up the remaining sauce on both of our plates, I was too full to consider the desert menu.  The price surprised me a bit, about $45 for the two of us after tip, but the food was good and I’ll be heading back to start chipping away at the 143 mole and meat combinations they offer.

Moles la Tia
4619 E. Cesar E. Chavez


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