The Sound and the Fury…

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Los Angeles Times columnist and Mt. Washington resident Pat Morrison has again opined on the eastside debate that is tearing our city apart (at least on the internet).  If you’re passionate on this subject, Eastside Luv is hosting “Where You From?”, a poetry slam aimed at checking those pesky Echo Parkers who dare to refer to their neighborhood as the eastside.  What I’m envisioning tonight is two groups of conceptual artists blocking  off 1st Street and parking their scooters in a circle.  By the dim glow of the headlights, the opposing camps will throw their checkered kaffiyehs into the ring and play “Quien es Mas Macho?” with a no-holds-barred dodgeball tournament.  On second thought, a poetry slam at a wine-bar is probably more apropos.

I have one small gripe with this however: I’m very uncomfortable with a phrase that usually precedes a gang shooting being used in a comaratively trivial matter.  For the poets, I suppose that’s why they call it poetic license, but why does Pat Morrison find this so cute?  I’ve never met the woman, but her writing conjures KPCC’s Sandra Tsing Loh whose cutesy ironic tenor makes me want to swerve into oncoming traffic.

Yet I digress.  The point of this article is to ask our local readers where they stand.  Are we eastsiders whose unique neighborhood and cultural identity is being appropriated by transplant hipsters from Echo Park and Silver Lake?  Do we have no claim to that part of town?  Or are we something in-between?  I know where a few of the local blogs we link to stand (LA Eastside will be meeting Eastsider LA at the flagpole after school), but what’s your opinion?

See you there, michilada in hand.

UPDATE:  LA Eastside’s El Chavo has posted a nice defense of the event’s title along with a video from Rueben Tafoya’s reading last night.


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