Another Victory for the Loncheros

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We haven’t posted an update of the political wrangling over taco trucks in a while.  The county ordinance was struck down earlier this year, but over the past few months, the city of Los Angeles had begun selectively enforcing their own existing ordinance that had been long ignored by the LAPD.  Truck owners were being fined $150 for spending more than 30 minutes in a residential area or 60 minutes in a commercial area.  As the Time’s LA Now blog is reporting, the loncheros, with a lot of help from the UCLA Labor Center, have successfully defeated this attempt to limit their existence.  Had this ordinance been allowed to stand, neighborhood favorites such as Leo’s, Sonia’s, and Rambo’s would have had to shutter their trucks as they park on city streets.  Even you Kogiphiles out there would have technically been patronizing an illegal mobile vendor when they make their visits to Eagle Rock.

If you want to thank someone, congratulate the truck owners, or just enjoy some good food and music, the Loncheros Association will be celebrating their recent granting of trade association status tomorrow night at the UCLA Downtown Labor Center.  The group promises presentations by the affected members as well as by supportive politicians and community leaders.  If a similar event in East Los Angeles last year is any barometer, come hungry.

6 PM – 10 PM

UCLA Downtown Labor Center
675 S. Park View St.
Los Angeles, CA

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