Gwyneth Paltrow Knows Highland Park Exists!

Ξ December 15th, 2009 | → 18 Comments | ∇ 90042, Food, Highland Park, Press |


Unfortunately she confuses us with Eagle Rock and moves us about 16 miles southeast.  On her lifestyle blog,, the actress reports on the best places to dine in Los Angeles.  Among the usual list of popular restaurants is the Tacos La Estrella on Colorado and Highland View with this added note:

A little off the map in Highland Park (it’s east of East LA) La Estrella offers some of the best al pastor tacos.  Worth a little drive after the trip to the Griffith Park or a Dodger’s Game.

There’s so much wrong here that my sense of indignation is about to cause me to have a conniption.  Is it possible that the editorial staff at GOOP, by which I of course mean Gwyneth, simply copied this erroneous entry in the LA Times’ Guide?  In any event, maybe Mrs. Martin can afford a map with her proceeds from Iron Man 2.  Therefore, on behalf of every neighborhood east of La Brea, I would like to formally invite Gwyneth and Apple to have a taco al pastor in Highland Park.  I’ll even stop at Cinnamon to pick up some vegan tamales for Chris.


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